ASP.NET MVC4-what’s in the basket???

My boss has asked me to do a POC using MVC…I jumped and said will try with MVC4-the new beta bride in the market…Then did a reality study and here are few learning tips,feature studies etc

Installation Notes

ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta for Visual Studio 2010 can be installed from the ASP.NET MVC 4 home page using the Web Platform Installer.

You must uninstall any previously installed previews of ASP.NET MVC 4 prior to installing ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta.

This release is not compatible with the .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview. You must uninstall the .NET 4.5 Developer Preview before installing the ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta.

ASP.NET MVC 4 can be installed and can run side-by-side with ASP.NET MVC 3.

What’s New??

  • ASP.NET Single Page Application
  • Enhancements to Default Project Templates
  • Mobile Project Template
  • Display Modes
  • jQuery Mobile, the View Switcher, and Browser Overriding
  •  Recipes for Code Generation in Visual Studio
  • Task Support for Asynchronous Controllers Azure SDK Known Issues and Breaking Changes

More Info @ ScottGu’s Blog & Release Notes

What’s Next?
We’re already hard at work getting a release candidate ready for ASP.NET MVC 4. In addition to the features mentioned above we plan on adding the following features to the release:

  • Database migrations: We will include Entity Framework 4.3 in MVC 4 projects. EF 4.3 includes support for many new features. One of the most eagerly anticipated is database migration support. This enables you to easily evolve your database schema using a code-focused migration while preserving the data in the database. You can get these features today by updatingthe EntityFramework NuGet package in your MVC projects to the latest version.
  • HTML5 support for editor and display templates and HTML helpers: Templates might now include elements that assume HTML5 support. For example, when rendering a DateTime property, editor templates might render an input element with its type set to date instead of to text. Likewise, existing HTML helpers such as TextBoxFormight be updated to render an appropriate input element based on the model type.
  • Login using OAuth and OpenID: We will update the MVC project templates to support logins from Facebook and other sites using OAuth and OpenID.
  • Json.NET: We plan to use the community developedJson.NETserialization stack in our default JSON formatter in ASP.NET Web API. Json.NET provides the flexibility and performance required for a modern web framework.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics: “HTTP 500 – Internal Server Errors” happen, and when they do you need a simple way to debug your web APIs. We’ll provide a simple tracing system that will give you rich visibility into yourweb APIs and that will support integrating with existing logging solutions, such as System.Diagnostics, ETW, NLog, and Log4Net.
  • Fast project creation: Creating a new MVC project currently takes a little while because of the time it takes to install the required NuGet packages. We are working on making the creation of new MVC projects fast.
  • Empty MVC project template: We’ll add a project template that includes only the minimum set of MVC components.
  • Web API scaffolding: We will add Entity Framework-based scaffolding support for quickly creating Web APIs based on an existing data model.

The above features will ship “in the box”, but we plan to continue to deliver features out of band through NuGet and other mechanisms. Some of these features include:

  • Web API Help page generation: We want to make it easy to generate rich, web-based documentation for your web APIs, including the resource URIs, the allowed HTTP methods, expected parameters, and sample message payloads.
  • Web API test client: The Web API test client is a lightweight web application that lets you quickly test your web APIs.
  • HTTP formatting for Windows Metro Style Apps: You can already use the HttpClient class from Windows Metro Style apps. We will also enable you to use the ASP.NET Web API formatters from your Metro Style applications.
  • OData formatter: We’re working on a formatter that can produce data inOData XML or JSON formats. MVC4 RoadMap

Learning :

  • Single Page applications :
  • Getting started with MVC4
  • Web API
  • Mobile Features
  2. (Code)

More Learning @


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