Unity: Learn 2D Game Development

Unity is a 3D engine, right? Not quite – now it’s more. It comes with a dedicated and streamlined 2D workflow. With the release of 4.3,unity added the in-house 2D platform for game development.

I started searching for tutorials and documentation to understand what is different in 2D development compared to Unity 3D development?

As 2D is introduced very recently,there are very few resources for learning .I took this small task of aggregating those resources here


Text Tutorials :

  • The best and in fact a step-by-step guide to understand 2D gaming terminologies like sprites,asset management etc-Learn
  • To understand animating sprites,2D physics and workflow nothing can beat Jesse Freeman’s take on Unity 2D-Learnunity2d-1
  • Unity 4.3 2D Tutorial : Getting Started – Learn

Video Tutorials :

  • The video version of pixelnest’s text tutorial will help you understand 2D development more easily-Learn
  • From Sprites to 2D components, this Topic specifically contains content for 2D game development-Learn


Hands-on :

  • Demo project from unity3D –Open (To learn how to import the demo project Click Here)

Books :

In Learn Unity for 2D Game Development, targeted at both game development newcomers and established developers, experienced game developer Alan Thorn shows you how to use the powerful Unity engine to create fun and imaginative 2D games.  Buy

learn 2d book


This package includes everything you need to learn the basics of Unity 2D. You’ll get a well-designed, easy to follow PDF guide packed full of the content you’ll need to start working with Unity 4.3’s new 2D workflow. Pre-Order 

Stay tuned to this post as i will be adding more and more content as i come across them during my learning curve….GAME.LEARN.ENJOY

2 thoughts on “Unity: Learn 2D Game Development

    1. We have started developing few games using Unity2D platform.Its pretty similar to unity3D development and becomes easy as it progresses.

      Try it and let me know your experience.


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