Windows : xRDP to CentOS 6.5

After a successful RDP to Ubuntu.Our next challenge was to RDP to CentOS 6.5. Frankly speaking,this wasn't as easy as ubuntu. We will use the same Putty (which we have configured in our previous post ) Login with root or any user who is part of sudoers file 1) sudo yum update 2) reboot 3)uname … Continue reading Windows : xRDP to CentOS 6.5


Windows :xRDP to Ubuntu

In my technical journey,my next goal is to master BIG DATA and NoSQL. With the support of my manager and a colleague, we received 5 Linux  Virtual Machines from the IT Team (3 of them running CENTOS 6.5  and  2 running UBUNTU). Our personal/official Laptops run on Windows 8/8.1.So our pre-requisite is to set up … Continue reading Windows :xRDP to Ubuntu