Gaming : Build and publish in just 5 Minutes

People say being game developer is like walking on a desert with bare foot on a bright sunny day.

As a n00b,even i felt the same.

Times have changed.Now,you can be a game developer in just 10 minutes.

If you don’t believe me…Try the game which i built in less than 5 minutes


Cloud-technology company Appy Pie is opening up its Game Builder tool to everyone, and this free application enables just about anyone to design a simple mobile game for iOS or Android in minutes. Once you have a finished app, Appy Pie will even upload it to the Google Play and App Store markets for you. This means that you and your friends can download your simple creations to your smartphones and tablets, and it may also lead you down a path of wanting to learn more about making games.

Game Builder offers you six templates to choose from – basketball, casino, tic-tac-toe, a shooter, a “Flappy Bird”-like game, and puzzle – but more choices will be available in the coming months.

While Game Builder is live today, it was previously in a testing phase that started in January. The company reports that a small group of people used it to make over 500 games. Naturally, most of them are a lot like Flappy Bird. In fact, Game Builder only gives you six gameplay mechanics to choose from. While designers can upload their own art, they’re going to have to stick to these set genres, which include casino games, tic-tac-toe, basketball, and more.

I decided to make a “Flappy Bird” clone.

I chose a name for the game, and wrote a brief description. I didn’t want to blow anyone away with my mad game-making skills, so I chose a premade logo and game icon.


Game Builder

Then, it asked me to choose a few more settings, like, the type of bird and different pipes.

Game Builder

Then I played my terrible “Flappy Bird” knockoff. It’s just as hard as the original.



Courtesy : Business Insider and VentureBeats (Game Beats)

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