Unity 4.6 UI

The new UI system is leaps ahead of the the old, it’s easy it is to build what you want and do it quickly with little or no coding necessary. Get all this out of the box: Fast and flexible workflows Low memory allocations and high performance Easy multiplatform deployment Unique animation capabilities FEATURES New … More Unity 4.6 UI

LEVEL UP -Project Spark Ep.01

I am privileged to have my blog post referred in this Link to Actual Post Level Up is a show devoted to game development. Each show will recap current news and events in gaming, deep dive with a game industry insider, and cover tips for programming or finding resources to help you with game construction. //channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Level-Up/Episode-1-Project-Spark/player

Implementing the Ad Mediation in unity 3d Windows Phone 8/8.1 Games (silver light runtime)

Originally posted on Unity coding with Microsoft platform services:
Ad Mediation in unity 3D Windows Phone 8/8.1 Games or Apps The Ad Mediator aims to maximize your revenue and improves the monetization by making sure you are always showing a live ad with higher fill rates. This extension enables different ad network solutions into a single project.…

C#,F# – What’s New in Visual Studio 2015 Preview

What’s New In C# 6.0 C# 6.0 adds about a dozen bite-sized new features to C#, all aimed at making your code cleaner and clearer. Instead of introducing new concepts, each feature makes a common coding pattern simpler, and removes boilerplate to let the intent of the code stand out. The video takes a quick tour … More C#,F# – What’s New in Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Gaming , C# : Come..Fall in Love with CocosSharp

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -Richard Buckminster Fuller Reality Check  Every game development engine or framework has its own bottlenecks and difficulties.Especially, when it comes to 2D game development,the difficulties increase.You have to take care of performance,mobile device hardware,device … More Gaming , C# : Come..Fall in Love with CocosSharp