BDotNet: Valentine with AngularJS

On Feb 14th,I had an opportunity to speak about AngularJS – the most happening MVW/MV* javascript framework by Google at Microsoft. I started by introducing what AngularJS is,how tough/easy to learn if you are from an OOPs background.Also,about SPA – Single Page application.

Ironically,the meet was named as “Valentine with AngularJS”,which i carried in my presentation


Any hands-on session will and should start with system setup.Here i spoke about different web development tools namely,

  • Microsoft’s Visual studio 2015
  • Adobe’s Brackets
  • SublimeText/TextMate on Mac
  • Webstrom by Jetbrains etc

I also stressed that for my session , i would use Visual studio 2015 and Brackets.I started with brackets and explained them about the IDE.

Now its time to talk about the Server to use.I picked the obvious Node.JS

I explained them how to install (just by running the exe/msi).Once done go to command prompt/Terminal on your windows/Linux/Mac and run

npm --version

If you see a version number like 2.5.1 . its all good.

To start the server,

npm start

you should see your server running at localhost:8000 .As your server is now set,its time to setup your client-side javascript libraries. NPM was initially used for nodeJS package management.Now you can use it for any JS library where NPM is supported.


Hint : Run “npm install” command pointing to the same folder where you have packages.json

After this lengthy setup sprint,I showed them how easy it is to use Visual studio 2015 for setting up.Where you create a ASP.NET web application with all the client-side Javascript libraries in less the 5 mins.

More info on VS 2015 with Grunt and Bower

My Presentation

Good to Read

  • CodeSchool AngularJS slides – Link
  • A better was to learn AngularJS – Link
  • AngularJS learning – Link
  • Integrate AngularJS with Visual Studio – Link

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