Win10GameJam : An unforgettable Gamexperience

It all started when I received a call saying “Microsoft will be conducting Game Jams at various locations in India. Would you like to be part of it?” Who on the earth will say NO to this as the offer is so tempting and the most important pulling factor is that these Game jams will be conducted at colleges and target audience are students – Fresh brains with awesome game ideas.

The unfolding 

What all I have spoken till now is just one side of the coin. As the information got unfolded, more and more interesting stuff started rolling out. It’s a Windows 10 Game Jam with Unity3d, Cocos2D and MonoGame acting as a middleware for students to transform their ideas into gaming reality. Wow!!! So students will be targeting Windows 10 through universal Windows Platform (UWP) and they can even push their game to the Xbox.

This Game Jam will be happening in 46 Cities across the globe.


Listening to all this, I immediately said YES and there comes a bottleneck. These Game Jams will be happening in four locations across India (Gurgaon, Trichy, Jabalpur and Vishakapatnam) and the dates are overlapping. So, at max you can be part of two Game Jams. I wished I could be a superhero, as I am not, I have decided to be part of Gurgaon and Vishakapatnam Game Jams.

The First Game Jam in India

India’s Win10GameJam kick-started at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon. There were more than 200 students. The astonishing part was there were students who traveled all the way from Nepal to participate. We started the sessions with a Question ” Why Game Development”? and then moved to

  • Windows 10 Game development
  • Unity3d- An introduction
  • Cocos2D – a 2D game framework.

Additionally, we even conducted Hands-On-Labs(HOLs) to introduce the game development environment.

Ideation and implementation

As this was a two day event, We asked students to come up with their own game ideas and implement by end of day 2. There were some mind-blogging ideas and implementations, which blew our ideas. Its an experience which made us realize that there is an awesome talent in India.The only thing missing is motivation and guidance.

Our last stop – Vishakapatnam

Though Vishakapatnam was our last Game Jam, it was a GameXperience to relish. Most of the students have built games not only on Windows Phone but also they started exploring XBox game development. I am glad that i had this opportunity to interact with them and help them to get started.

I should thank Microsoft, My MVP lead and many more for an awesome experience. Felt like back to college.

Game ON!!!

One thought on “Win10GameJam : An unforgettable Gamexperience

  1. Thank you Vidyasagar Sir for Choosing our College, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon and giving us a chance to witness your tremendous & exemplary Guidance & support


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