Xamarin & VS 2015 : Break the error message into Chunks.

No project is good without a bug and no build is good without an error. Sometimes, a smallest change can fix a major error. We may take more time to find the smallest change, as we concentrate more on the technical side of the error than the logical side of it.

The fix for your error lies within the error message. So read the error message carefully and repeatedly.

Having said that. Recently, I was exploring Visual studio Emulator for Android released along with Visual studio 2015. I created a new “Device Profile” as shown below.

Visual studio Emulator for Android
Visual studio Emulator for Android

I verified the device profile by running 5″ KitKat(4.4) XXHDPI phone emulator and it worked as expected. With a smile on my face, I created a new Xamarin.Android project.

New Project -> Visual C# -> Android -> Blank App(Android)

I wrote a code snippet which prints “Hello World!” as the android app launches on the new device profile. I just ran the play button (my way of calling RUN) and all I could is a pop-up shown below.


It says “The project  needs to be deployed before it can be started. Verify the project is selected to be deployed in the Solution Configuration Manager“. If you read it carefully, the solution to this error is right there. Dissect the two lines into small chunks and read it repeatedly. Following this chunk model, we will definitely come out of the famous notion.

1 FIX = 2 BUGS

Following this Chunk rule, I simply navigated to Configuration Manager – you can reach here in two ways

  1. Click “Any CPU” dropdown (Next to Debug) in the ribbon.
  2. Navigate to Build tab and you will see Configuration manager as the last option.

Once you click, you will see a panel shown below.

Configuration Manager
Configuration Manager

Now go to Deploy column and select the check box next to Droid project. Click on play button and your Visual studio Android Emulator should launch as expected and should show the output.

To conclude, all you need to know is “Break the error message into Chunks

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