Win10GameJam : An unforgettable Gamexperience

It all started when I received a call saying "Microsoft will be conducting Game Jams at various locations in India. Would you like to be part of it?” Who on the earth will say NO to this as the offer is so tempting and the most important pulling factor is that these Game jams will be conducted … Continue reading Win10GameJam : An unforgettable Gamexperience


TouchDevelop – Programming on the GO

TouchDevelop by Microsoft research is an application development environment that can be accessed from anywhere from any device.It can be your phone,tablet or PC.Through TouchDevelop, users can create scripts (i.e., apps/games written using TouchDevelop) to access data, media, and sensors on a smart phone, tablet or PC. The scripts can also interact with the cloud … Continue reading TouchDevelop – Programming on the GO