TouchDevelop – Programming on the GO

TouchDevelop by Microsoft research is an application development environment that can be accessed from anywhere from any device.It can be your phone,tablet or PC. Through TouchDevelop, users can create scripts (i.e., apps/games written using TouchDevelop) to access data, media, and sensors on a smart phone, tablet or PC. The scripts can also interact with the … More TouchDevelop – Programming on the GO

Xbox : Project Spark – A gameground

To simply introduce, Project Spark is developed by team dakota and skybox labs.It is published by Microsoft Studios.It is a game maker “Where Players Create and Creators Play”. The website quotes project spark “As a powerful, yet simple way to build and play your own worlds, stories and games. Experience the ultimate interactive playground, delivered … More Xbox : Project Spark – A gameground

Never ending love for ‘Game’ – A moment to cherish

“It all started a year and half ago”. These were the words which i spoke yesterday at TechEdIndia 2014. But my gaming life started at Microsoft DevCamps last november when i met Sandeep Alur and Ujjwal kumar – My Mentor,Guide and Guru. Their guidance and support is never forgetting. I should also thank each and everyone who … More Never ending love for ‘Game’ – A moment to cherish

HTML5,Javascript : Game engines and tools

HTML5 game engines The following are few examples of game engines implemented with HTML5 and JavaScript: Construct 2: One of the first WebGL enabled HTML5 game engines. Exports purely to HTML5 and JavaScript. Uses Canvas only and is extensible with JavaScript plugins. Isongenic Engine: One of the most promising engines out there today. Massively multiplayer … More HTML5,Javascript : Game engines and tools