Learn Swift language: The C# Way — Vidyasagar MSC

Programming languages provide a way to communicate with a computer through notational instructions.Swift and C# are High-Level Languages commonly categorized under multi-paradigm and Compiled Programming languages. They not only fall into the same category of programming languages but also have many syntactical features in common.Due to this syntactical resemblance, C# developers can easily adapt Swift […] … More Learn Swift language: The C# Way — Vidyasagar MSC

Functional Vs Imperative language paradigms

These days, i am in deep love with Microsoft’s F# language and Apple’s Swift language.F# on one side has picked the good parts from Functional languages like ML and oCaml + Imperative languages / Object-Oriented language like C#. Swift on the other end is a multi-paradigm languages picking language ideas from Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, … More Functional Vs Imperative language paradigms