Gaming : Anti-Aliasing Techniques

Recently,I was learning CocosSharp.It is a game engine which provides technology for making cross-platform games.As soon as you hit the first line of code, you see this`application.PreferMultiSampling = false;`Ok,I see that there is an application object and you are setting its property PreferMultiSampling of type boolean to false.But why should we do this ?MultiSampling is … Continue reading Gaming : Anti-Aliasing Techniques


HTML5,Javascript : Game engines and tools

HTML5 game enginesThe following are few examples of game engines implemented with HTML5 and JavaScript:Construct 2: One of the first WebGL enabled HTML5 game engines. Exports purely to HTML5 and JavaScript. Uses Canvas only and is extensible with JavaScript plugins.Isongenic Engine: One of the most promising engines out there today. Massively multiplayer networking built in, … Continue reading HTML5,Javascript : Game engines and tools